formidably impressed creates crass-ass greeting card designs that draw inspiration from lettering for vintage advertisements and signage from old hawai'i.

meet the team

this little shop is comprised of two hustlers from honolulu.

gavin, the lettersmith, currently resides wherever the plane lands, the bus stops, or he lays his head. much of his work is a visual archive of his upbringing in hawai'i, affinity for the 1950′s, and travels throughout the world.

cherish, a badass letterpress printer lady, learned her craft while studying in the pacific nw. she enjoys a good cuppa, arranging flora, playing video games, checking out films, and biking around town.

their combined love of well-built old-school machinery, funky fresh lettering, and snarky asshole humor lead them to collaborate on a couple of greeting cards. their first two cards sold so well that they decided to partner on up and the rest is history!